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        Zhejiang Jinchen Glass Co,.Ltd is amanufacturer which is specialise in produce glass door, paastic component and relevant product for refrigeration like freezer, display cooler, wine chiller ect, our door were sold well bith in domestic famous refrigerator marking factories and foreign markets including European ,South and North American, Middle east, Southeast Asia and other areas all over the world. The company located in Deqing County(near Hangzhou),zhejiang Province, the traffic is very convenient.
        Our company passed throuhj couple of year's development since 2000, and now becomes a leading and professional enterprise, the company covers an area of 10000 square meters, and construction area of 12000 square meters, main facility contains kinds of PVC extrusion equipments 60sets and two professional automatic insulated glass product lines, in addtition, more than 50sets of machines for cutting. drilling, milling, punching and welding, we have 160 employees including 15 technical specialists and quality engineers. Our annual production capacity is up to 500,000 sets of glass doors and 2000 tons plasticc extrusions.
        The whole team with the great effort attitude spirit to exploit both domestic and international market, base on business philosophy "strive for innovation, honesty first", we sincerely invite the wordwide friends to vist our company for investigation, investment and cooperation, seek the development together.
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